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Cleaning or replacing tap diffusers? Why not replace them with something better?

Deep cleaning or the complete replacement of old tap diffusers is a regular and necessary requirement to stop the unsightly build up of limescale and the subsequent proliferation of dangerous pathogens such as legionella and Pseudomonas, to name but a few.

Regular deep cleaning of tap diffusers has its place but if not carried out meticulously can leave residual micro organisms and re contamination can occur within hours.

Complete replacement of diffusers with brand new units is the only 100% guarantee of the removal of all limescale and biofilm residuals however standard tap diffusers are liable to new limescale build up and biofilm can also recontaminate the unit within hours.

Taps and their diffusers are particularly susceptible to back contamination by pathogens that have been proliferating in the sink drain and basin and which can be easily easily transported by vapour or splash back onto the tap and eventually into the tap diffusers and the tap internals.

If you are going to clean or replace your tap diffusers why would you not want to replace them with a diffuser that is safer and better?

Why would you not want to replace them with something that had a residual protection capability?

Fitting the Challis Ag+ Sentinel™ Valve will provide you with that added value and added protection by providing a multi-level, physical and antimicrobial barrier for your taps and outlets across your estate.

Combining improved water safety and antimicrobial protection with reduced maintenance requirements and ultimately an aesthetically cleaner and more attractive tap for extended periods of time.

Limescale and biofilm build-up within a basin tap diffuser
Standard tap diffuser after 6 months use

Silver-plated copper wire mesh clean and free of limescale
Challis Ag+ Sentinel™ Valve with no limescale build-up

Benefits of Sentinel™ Valves

  • Immediate improvement in antimicrobial protection

  • Improved infection control

  • Improved patient/guest/staff safety

  • Reduced maintenance costs

  • Longer period between service actions

  • Quick and easy colour-coded visual audit of service action completion

  • Quick and easy replacement

  • Cost-effective

  • Improved performance

  • Improved aesthetics

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