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A combination of innovation, design & raw materials that represents a unique concept: Sentinel Mesh Technology.


What is it?

It is the combination of naturally occurring  elements with antimicrobial properties and our existing antimicrobial products to produce an active solution to an ongoing problem; back contamination.

How Does It Work?

The Copper (Cu) and Silver (Ag) have a positive effect on bacteria by destabilising the cell membrane wall and stopping the process of cell division. In short, it makes any waterborne bacteria unable to proliferate within a tap or shower outlet.

Sounds like ground-breaking stuff but our facility already uses antimicrobial filters, so we don't need Sentinel™ Technology 

Well, filters are great at what they do, retaining bacteria that comes downstream but they don't stop the potential ingress of waterborne bacteria entering at the outlet. In the case of the Sentinel ™ Valve, the non-return valve and the Sentinel ™ Mesh work in tandem to eradicate this.

Sentinel products also have a longer lifespan and are up to 50% cheaper than existing solutions

Sentinel™ Mesh Technology

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3. Stops the process of cell division

2. Interrupts the enzyme’s transport of nutrients

  1. Destabilises the cell membrane wall

Challis Ag+ Sentinel™ Products

Patented Sentinel™  Mesh Technology

Containing silver-plated copper

Sentinel™ Effect on Bacteria

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