Challis Ag+® Sentinel™ Hose

From the makers of the ORIGINAL and BEST disposable antibacterial shower head

The new Challis Ag+® Sentinel™ Hose provides FULL protection against harmful waterborne bacteria for up to 180 days*.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Challis Ag+® Sentinel™ Shower Hose works in tandem with the Sentinel™ Shower Head and offers maximum efficiency, safety and ease of use in all environments. The existing antimicrobial protection has been enhanced with the introduction of its patented Sentinel™ silver/copper mesh technology. 

Proved to be highly effective against dangerous levels of bacteria including Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Legionella pneumophila and guaranteeing long lasting protection, effective throughout the life of the product.

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As opposed to retaining harmful bacteria up to 92 days within a POU filter, the Challis Ag+® Sentinel™ mesh technology disrupts any bacteria lurking within the water supply allowing it to pass safely through the shower head. The copper mesh component within the hose is allowed to move freely this having a scarifying effect on the inside of the hose, removing any potential build up of biofilm.

Shower Hose Cutaway Showing Sentinel Mesh Technology

Image illustrating a cutaway of a Shower Hose showing Sentinel™ mesh technology

Our products are also manufactured and assembled in the UK allowing for quicker turnaround times from placing order to delivery at your premises.

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*180 days lifespan is indicative only. Under normal operating conditions, Sentinel™ hose will continue to work effectively for up to 1 year