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A 'Game Changer'

Since the official launch of our trio of Sentinel™ products, we have been overwhelmed by the positive response from both existing and new customers across the healthcare, hospitality, education and leisure sectors.

The products that we design are borne out of a requirement that, more often than not, is brought to our attention by a customer looking for an innovative solution to an existing problem.

Thankfully, it's these same customers who are looking for innovation and new ideas, or a better solution to an existing problem. Within healthcare, It's these early adopters who normally steal the march on their peers because they can see the benefits of what this new product would bring them, the facility they work for and the people whose health and wellbeing they are responsible for.

When we look at incidents of Pseudomonas aeruginosa in Healthcare applications across the UK, we can all agree that:

  • Back-contamination of water outlets, particularly taps, is a major problem

  • Doing nothing, is not an option

  • Removing tap diffusers and leaving an open-ended tap outlet is not an option

  • The widespread and continuous use of POU filters is not a viable and sustainable option

This leaves the complete decontamination of the affected outlet(s) followed by the immediate installation of Sentinel™ Valves, Shower Heads, Shower Hoses as the only safe, viable and sustainable solution at this point in time.

The innovative antimicrobial shower head with added Sentinel ™ mesh technology to safeguard back-contamination from Pseudomonas Aeruginosa
The new Challis Ag+ Sentinel™ Shower Head

We are fortunate to have loyal customers that share our vision of innovation and have been with us ever since we first invented the recyclable Challis Ag+ antimicrobial shower head and hose.

Like us, they have strived for the best solutions to safeguard patient health and safety whilst not breaking the bank. By creating a product that would significantly reduce bacterial contamination and at the same time reduce maintenance costs, we believe we have created a product that is unique in the current marketplace. As a result, we are receiving more and more positive feedback from hospitals that have been trialling our products over the last 2 months or so using phrases like "...this [Sentinel Valve™] is is a game changer for us...".

Even better than receiving plaudits though, is the confidence shown by authorising engineers, infection control specialists and estate managers in placing not only orders but their trust in our innovative solutions.

If you would like to know how we can help you and your organisation reduce the risk of infection, protect patients and reduce costs, click on the 'Get In Touch' button below and we'd be happy to discuss your requirements.

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