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In any hotel application, it is essential to combine beautiful design with robust and uncompromising function. At Challis MS Ltd, we have refined this task, resulting in cutting-edge design cleverly combined with innovative technology and a robust reliable long working life.  

Whether your hotel needs a designer Anti Microbial drench shower head or a wireless Internet-based reporting and control water management system, Challis MS Ltd have the products and services available on the shelf for quick and easy dispatch straight to your property.

More importantly however, is the requirement to ensure guest and staff safety.

Legionella Outbreak Can Destroy Your Hotels Reputation in Seconds

What can Challis MS Ltd offer to help protect my guests?

Incidents of Legionella and Pseudomonas in hotels is on the increase. 

Legionella can be fatal and there is a legal requirement to protect customers and staff from this risk.

Unprotected standard showers and taps provide the ideal incubator for Legionella and Pseudomonas bacterial growth.

With any confirmed outbreak comes immediate closure of the property and subsequent  loss of revenue

Your business reputation, carefully nurtured over years can be destroyed in seconds

Resultant fines are often accompanied by expensive remedial repairs and in some case litigation

To Protect your Customers, Staff and your Businesses Reputation Fit Challis Sentinel™   Protection.


Sentinel™ Mesh Technology

Our patented technology has been applied to our innovative shower heads and shower hoses and which have been used by the healthcare sector for over 20 years. This latest advancement, offers increased antimicrobial protection, can be retro-fitted and is cost-effective with virtually no maintenance involved after the initial installation.

How does it work?

Challis MS Ltd can provide bespoke mesh components manufactured from 99.9% pure copper or silver-plated (to avoid discolouration of outlets) and these can either be introduced into existing brassware or we can supply you with our fixed heads or hand held shower heads.

The Sentinel™ mesh will then disrupt any bacteria in the main areas where they would commonly develop, notably tap spouts, shower heads and shower hoses. This would reduce the amount of maintenance time needed to dismantle, disinfect and reassemble showers and keep room inventory (and revenues) at a maximum.

Sound interesting what should I do next?

We would love to come and talk with you to discuss your set up and your needs. If you work with a Legionella Safety expert, we'd love to talk with them too as they may not be fully up to speed with this innovative technology and how it can work alongside existing safety measures. Just click on the button below to get in touch for a no-obligation site visit. 

Damixa Silhouet Shower System Black

Design, Function, Reliability & Safety

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