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Protecting our environment



100% Recyclable.

Reducing unnecessary waste and lowering the impact of our daily activities on the environment has been at the heart of the innovative products we manufacture at Challis MS Ltd.

Prior to our creating the first completely recyclable antimicrobial shower head, traditional heads and hoses had to be removed, stripped down and deep cleaned in order to reduce the risk of infections from bacterial build-up. This was both a labour intensive and costly process.

From the very first moment we conceived the idea of providing a disposable shower head, we knew it also had to be on the back of a sustainable and recyclable scheme. Working with local UK manufacturers, we were able to produce the Challis Ag+ shower head made form ABS plastic and impregnated with silver ions which provide the antimicrobial properties so many other manufacturers have since copied and applied to their designs.

Oh, and did we mention it is 100% recyclable?


ISO14001 Certified


Globally recognised. Independently audited.

The ISO14001 certification is the most internationally recognised environmental standard and accreditaionfor setting up an Environment Management System (EMS). It provides a framework and guidelines for creating our EMS so that we don't miss important elements needed for our EMS to be successful.

Taking care of our environment, and preventing our company from causing negative impacts on the environment, are two of the most important challenges facing our business today. One of the biggest benefits of us implementing an EMS is the recognition that comes with being among those businesses that care enough to reduce their environmental footprint.


Efficient. Easy.

Our replacement scheme really is as easy as it sounds. You choose, you use, you replace.

Our WRAS approved hand held shower heads are manufactured in the UK from high quality ABS antimicrobial plastic. Because the showerheads have only been used for 3 months it is actually more cost effective to recycle them at the end of each quarter.

The scheme can be just the showerheads or can include white smooth flexi hose.

  • Challis supply the appropriate number of Ag+ showerheads/hoses to the hospital/care home

  • Maintenance staff install new showerheads/hoses

  • Before the start of the second quarter new showerheads are delivered

  • Old colour coded showerheads are removed and replaced with new colour coded shower heads

  • Old showerheads are packed into Challis Ag+ sealed transport boxes (provided)

  • Challis Ag+ transport boxes are picked up and returned to recycling depot

  • Old showers shredded, recycled and certificate of destruction issued to hospital/care home

Separating Waste

The Recycling Process

Plastic. PVC. Metal. Cardboard​. 100% recyclable. No landfill.


At the end of their 3 month life-cycle, your used showerheads and hoses are returned to us inside the original packaging in which they were initially delivered.

Upon arrival to our premises, they are taken to our partners at Cookham Waste & Recycling, a local business (0.7 miles away to be precise) who disassemble the units and organise all the materials into their corresponding recycling categories; ABS plastic, reinforced PVC, metal, plastic bags and cardboard boxes.

These are then processed by a specialist recycling centre and the end products then go back into producing brand new, environmentally friendly products and ensuring that absolutely nothing ends up in landfill. Ever.

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