Challis Ag+® Shower Head Scheme

Our innovative disposable Challis Ag+® Shower Head Scheme combines built-in

antimicrobial protection with a regular quarterly replacement of showers, effectively cutting bacterial load and stopping biofilm build up in its tracks.


Designed and manufactured in the UK, Challis Ag+® antimicrobial protected shower head is planned for maximum efficiency, safety and ease of use in all environments.


The antimicrobial protection has been proven safe and addresses the growing public concern over the incidence of harmful bacteria threatening us in everyday life. Proved to be highly effective against dangerous levels of bacteria guaranteeing long lasting protection, effective throughout the life of the product.

How the Challis Recycle Scheme Works

Our WRAS approved hand held shower heads are manufactured in the UK from high quality ABS anti-microbial plastic. Because the shower heads have only been used for 3 months it is actually cost effective to recycle them at the end of each quarter.

The scheme can be just the shower heads or can include white smooth flexi hose.

  • Challis supply the appropriate number of Ag+® shower heads/hoses to the hospital/care home

  • Maintenance staff install new shower heads/hoses

  • Before the start of the second quarter new shower heads are delivered

  • Old colour coded shower heads are removed and replaced with new colour coded shower heads

  • Old shower heads are packed into Challis Sealed plastic transport boxes (provided)

  • Challis Transport boxes are picked up and returned to recycling depot

  • Old showers shredded, recycled and certificate of destruction issued to hospital/care home


Costs associated with cleaning and maintenance of showers can be significant not only in cash terms but all in resources required. The Challis Ag+® recycling scheme is quick easy and straight forward to implement and will significantly cut these costs freeing up resources to be used more efficiently somewhere else within your organization.

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