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© Challis MS Ltd
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Water Widget® 

The Challis Water Widget® is a shower aerator which uses the Venturi Effect; this means that when water flows through a pipe the pressure changes depending on the diameter of the pipe, so if you change the diameter you change the pressure. This means that by putting a small hole in a device with a step change in diameter you can suck in air which mixes turbulently with water, resulting in a volumised flow from the shower head which uses less water but has the same pressure and feel as before. The Water Widget® is unique in that it has been designed to be reversible so it fits on both fixed head and hose showers.

Heating water in the home is responsible for about 5% of UK CO2 emissions and showering is the fastest growing use of water in the UK, therefore the Water Widget®  can address both of these issues very cheaply and our data has shown that fitting rates are very high. In addition as the water Widget Widget® applicable for around three quarters of homes it is an effective way of reaching hard to treat homes where cavity wall or loft insulation cannot be fitted.

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